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Measindot – Enginneering Lda. is a company specialized in the area of metal and mixed construction, providing engineering and consulting services in the manufacture and assembly of metal products, civil construction and public works.

Measindot has in-house human and material resources, namely an engineering department, a metal structures production unit and its own assembly teams, which allows offering the client a high quality service, with the entire production process control guarantee, from its conception to its execution on the site.


Measindot – Enginneering Lda. started its activity in the last quarter of 2015, born of the knowledge and know-how of its staff in the area of metal structures. The company finds its raison d’être in the society’s increasing demand and the consequent opening of the market to the search of innovative solutions that combine quickness to constructive systems sustainability.

Through technological innovation and highly qualified human resources, we strive to provide high quality services in the area of metal construction, which simultaneously meet the safety requirements, functionality, aesthetics and environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: Provision of high quality services in the areas of metal construction to ensure safety, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability of buildings, aiming the satisfaction of client’s expectations matched with the public interest.

Vision: Be a benchmark for excellence in the solutions that advocates.

Values: Competence, Accuracy, Responsibility, Ethics, Quality, Appreciation and Respect for People and the Environment.


In our production unit, strategically located in the Murted Industrial Zone, Cantanhede County, we not only have the most advanced equipment, but also highly qualified and experienced human resources.